It was in 1919 that the visionary couple Dean Conrado Benitez and Francisca Tirona Benitez founded in Manila the Philippine Women’s University, the first Asian school for Asians. In time, their vision of Filipino women education would transcend the boundaries of Manila and reach south of the archipelago. The PWU alumnae saw the need to spread and promote the educational objectives of their alma mater among the young people of Mindanao. This idea became a reality when the PWU Board of Trustees approved the plan to put up the Philippine Women’s College Davao. On April 28, 1952, then PWU Executive Vice-President Helena Z Benitez and Dr. Rosa Santos Munda, at that time the secretary of the PWU Alumnae Association of Davao led the laying of the cornerstone of PWC in a seven-hectare site in Juna Subdivision, Matina. On June 8, 1953, PWC formally opened its doors to a small batch of students.


We envision a graduate who is God-loving, academically competent, civic conscious, environmwentally and socially concerned, globally competitive, and committed to the promotion of peace.


To Educate: according to the four-fold objective of inculcating good moral character and personality, training for home and family life, preparing for vocation or profession and developing aptitude for community participation and leadership.

To Contribute: through research and continuous interaction with the community, to the enhancement of the spiritual, social and economic life in the country and the world at large.

To Lead: throug pioneering in the field of gender education in the opening of new avenues towards the expansion of knowledge and the opportunities, fostering of humanism and understanding, while conserving the wisdom and ideals of the ages and integrating the valuable inheritance of Filipino personhood.

Unique Features of PWC

  • a private shool in REgion XI, is pioneering the transition modeling of Grades 11 and 12, approved by DepEd from SY 2012-2013 to SY 2015-2016 prior to government full implementation of Grades 11 and 12 nationwide.
  • Embedded as professional courses required of CHED leading TESDA TVET non-degree certification (NC II, NC III, NC IV) are towards Bachelor Degree Programs.
  • CHED General education, carrer specializations, professional and major courses are meeting curriculum requirements of DepEd, TESDA and CHED.
  • provides students the most efficient, praactical and cost-saving mode of acquiring:
    • Senior High School (Grades 11 & 12) diploma
    • 2 years Associate in Arts (College Diploma), integrating skills & competencies of work employability with  career, technical and professional foundation courses
A 2,000 seater convention facility located in the PWC campus in Matina. It is said to be par if not better with other modern facilities of its kind in the country.