A Catholic pilgrimage site that is set on the Divine Mercy Hills and features a 15.24 meter (50-feet) statue of the Divine Mercy Jesus, said to be the tallest of its kind not just in the Philippines but also across the world.

You can go up to the statue and it has a mini altar located in the heart of Jesus that you can pray. But before going there, you must have to listen in the short talk about the history and miracle of Divine Mercy.

For visitors to reach the top of the hill where the statue stands, they have to climb up to 200 steps of the stairs. Quite a feat for many but devotees don’t mind the steep climb as long as they can go as close to the statue as is permitted by park authorities.

Remember, this is a pilgrimage and sacred site so proper attire is required within the boundaries of the shrine. No one is allowed to wear revealing attire and shorts. Visitors who have no idea about this rule prior to visiting the shrine are provided with a blue cloth to cover up and preserve their modesty throughout the
visit. The shrine administrators are quite strict about imposing that rule.